My name is Freddy, pleased to meet you! I'm a freelance nerd working from the lovely city of Amsterdam.
My nerdhood extends to the realms of music production, audio engineering, programming and far, far beyond. I'll get my geek on to practically anything.

Currently, I'm in the middle of some substantial nerding as a result of building this site, powered by my home made, highly scallable and super-duper fast development framework which comes with it's own CMS.
For now, if you want to check out a slideshow of some of the projects which I have worked on in the past, click on this. In order to view a more comprehensive list describing my skills, you'll need to click right here.

I love a good cup of coffee just as much as the next guy. With that being said, if I have sparked your interest…

Great! How about you drop me a message using the form below, and then we'll just take it from there.